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Fund Launch Partners is a GP Stakes firm set out to partner and invest with Emerging Managers

What is Fund Launch Partners?

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Starting a fund is hard. Scaling a small fund is hard. We are here to help. Fund Launch Partners is a GP Stakes firm that partners and invests in emerging fund managers.

We define emerging managers as someone on Fund I, II, III, or IV and managing less than $1B AUM.

The Partnership Framework

The GP Capital Commitment

Fund managers (GP's or General Partners) are expected to invest 1% - 5% of the total fundraise into each fund they are managing. So for a $100M raise that's $1M-$5M. One of our favorite ways to partner is to assist on the capital commitment by matching 1% - 3% of every dollar raised by the manager.

Growth Equity or Working Capital

If you need additional resources up front or mid journey we're here to potentially provide your firm with the necessary capital to grow. Have a non-contributing partner on the cap table? Just looking for additional funds to expand to new markets or new product sets? That's what we do.

Strategic Advisory Services

We come in as ACTIVE minority partners in your asset management businesses ensuring you have the proper systems & people in place to succeed. The Partners have seen hundreds of funds launch over the years and we want to help you navigate those critical business & strategy decisions. Our goal is systematize & optimize fundraising processes, the firm as a business & fund as an asset manger.

Industry Agnostic

We understand the business of funds, regardless of your vertical.

Real Estate

A real estate fund is a type of investment fund that pools money from investors to purchase, manage, and sell real estate properties, aiming to generate profits primarily through rental income and property value appreciation. Strategies include residential, commercial, industrial, land, development, assisted living, self storage and others.

Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are alternative investment funds that employ diverse and often complex strategies in the public markets, including leveraging and derivatives, to maximize returns for their investors. Strategies include long/short, global macro, event driven, arbitrage, quant, or others.

Private Equity

Private equity is a form of investment where funds or investors directly invest in private companies or conduct buyouts of public companies, often with the goal of restructuring and improving their operations for eventual profit. Strategies include leveraged buyouts, growth equity, distressed, fund of funds or other.

Venture Capital

Venture capital is a type of private equity financing that provides funding to startup companies and small businesses with high growth potential in exchange for equity, or an ownership stake. Strategies include seed, early stage, later stage, venture studio, incubators and other.

Private Credit

Private credit funds are investment vehicles that provide debt financing to companies, typically those not served by traditional banks, and seek to generate income and returns through interest payments and loan repayments. Strategies include direct lending, distressed debt, mezzanine financing, asset based lending and other.


Look. If you have an investment strategy where you can consistently invest capital and generate a return on that investment that isn't listed here, you potentially can scale that investments business through a fund.

Meet the Team

Chief Investment Officer
Lincoln Archibald

Lincoln is the Managing Partner of Fund Launch Partners, a Private Equity Firm specializing in GP Stakes. He is currently a minority partner on multiple funds across the alternative landscape. Lincoln is Partner at Fund Launch and formerly functioned as the CFO. With prior experience from JP Morgan, venture capital, and real estate development, he brings a strong analytical and financial background to his work.

Functioning as a Fund Consultant, Lincoln has coached and advised hundreds of emerging asset managers over the past few years across the alternatives landscape (VC, PE, RE, HF). Lincoln has been able to observe the intricacies of sound fund management and truly learn what is required to be a successful steward of investor capital.

General Partner
Bridger Pennington

Bridger is the Co-founder of Fund Launch, a company dedicated to democratizing the world funds. He is leading a community of 60,000+ entrepreneurs & investors. Last year (2022) Fund Launch set up +150 verified funds with hundreds more unaccounted for. Clients have started scaled funds to the multi- million and billion dollar level.

In addition to being the CEO of Fund Launch, Bridger is currently running a Crypto Hedge Fund, Ugly Unicorn where he oversees the fund management. Bridger is formerly the Founder and Managing Director of Black Bridge Capital LLC and General Partner of the Bridge Grow Funds, a private credit facility specializing in short term loans.

Chief Operating Officer
Adam Campbell

Adam W. Campbell, CPA brings over 20 years of experience in accounting, finance, and business intelligence including 5+ years in family offices and 10+ years of work in PE backed real estate companies focused on multi-family, commercial, debt and seniors housing developments. He was a founding employee for a real estate fund in Salt Lake City, UT that managed over $5 Billion of AUM. He has played key roles in scaling accounting & finance departments from the ground up in privately held and VC/PE backed operating companies. Adam also has extensive experience transportation, waste management, hospitality, industrial mining, and new venture finance industries.

In addition to his professional background, Adam was the Alumni Chairman of the Undergraduate Engagement program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business that helped over 1,200+ new incoming students annually to define, align and refine their education goals into future careers. He is licensed CPA in Utah and received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Accounting from the University of Utah as well as completing post graduate studies in Business Analytics from the Harvard School of Business.

Director of Capital Markets
Vu Tran

Vu H. Tran boasts over two decades of expertise across business development, real estate, and entrepreneurship. His rich tapestry of experiences includes 9 years in the military, focusing on aeronautical supply chain and leadership, and has been recognized with 5 Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals for outstanding leadership. A certified Lean Six Sigma professional, Vu has trained numerous US Marines and Sailors and underwent specialized training in Human Intelligence and Counterintelligence.

Vu Tran ran a $25+ million AUM family office In the real estate sector and food and beverage industry, dedicated over 7 years to diverse investments, from single-family homes to commercial spaces. His entrepreneurial journey, spanning 8 years, ranges from importing/exporting to business consulting and construction. A passionate mentor, Vu has globally coached countless individuals on business strategies, personal branding, negotiation techniques, and investment strategies. Beyond his professional endeavors, he serves on the board of GlobalMindED, a non-profit championing equity, opportunity, and diversity, in collaboration with notable partners like Hewlett Packard, Sam's Club, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Amazon.

Advisor (Economics & Strategy)
TJ Bond
  • Former Managing Director and Chief Economist, Bank of America - Merrill Lynch

  • Former Head of Global Economics & Strategy for 2 major sovereign wealth funds.

  • Advisor to governments on economic policy and financial market development

Advisor (Manager Selection)
Trenton Smith
  • Former Head of Equities & Alternatives, AAA (~$2B Platform)

  • Former Portfolio Manager, Dow (~$2.5B across PE, VC, RE, Credit specializing in manager selection)

Advisor (Business Development)
Mia Love
  • Former Congresswoman {financial services}

  • Board Member | Ford Credit

  • Board Member | Security National Financial

  • Political Commentator | CNN

  • Board Member CGO

Operating Partner
Mason Vranes

Mason Vranes is an entrepreneur and a Co-Founder of Fund Launch. He entered the world of entrepreneurship at age 17, starting multiple brands and with each venture, playing bigger. In 2018, he teamed up with Bridger Pennington as they launched multiple businesses, trying to strike it big. In 2019, they saw a massive gap in the marketplace and caught the vision to transform the highly secretive world of investment funds.

Business Associate
Tanner Reilly

With a solid foundation in finance, Tanner Reilly has dedicated the past two years to assisting emerging fund managers in the launch and scaling of their investment funds. His journey began in the analytical realm, underwriting investment funds, which paved the way to his current role as an Associate with Fund Launch Partners

Ideal Acquisition Criteria

<$1 Billion Assets Under Management
Teams with broad equity buy in
Full cycle or near full cycle deals already completed
Strong commitment to growth